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About Us

About Us

Family Express® is recognized in the market place by its passion for customer service. The company has engineered itself in the art of building relationships with its customers by utilizing its "living brand". Family Express®'s living brand is its uniquely friendly employees. Family Express® facilities showcase upscale colonial architecture and enhanced landscaping plans. Additionally, Family Express® is characterized by cutting edge technology at various venues of its operation. Currently Family Express® utilizes scanning, operates a fully automated integrated accounting system and offers "Pay at the Pump" at all of its stores. All car washes are also enhanced with pay at the pump features. Family Express® is sensitive to the environment and all of its underground storage tanks are controlled and electronically monitored in order to assure fuel quality and environmental safety.

All Family Express® stores are equipped with an electronic cash management system, which eliminates the necessity for anyone in the store having to count cash beyond putting it in the cash register. The store deposit is electronically tabulated so that even the deposit slip is produced by the system. In order to enhance employee and customer safety, most of the stores can be visually monitored over the Internet by the store manager or a field consultant.

Family Express® operates an integrated central distribution facility which assures quality and efficiency.

Family Express® is featuring its own high performance fuels and it is recognized for its family of proprietary brands such as Java Wave™ gourmet coffees, Squeeze Freeze™ carbonated beverage, natural spring water, high quality milk products, ice, and Cravin's Market®, its very own line of sandwiches and bakery products.

In its endless pursuit to deliver its objective of delighting its customers, the company has invested in training, which is based on the principles of cultural and simulation learning.